angel drawing

AIN’T NO DENYING climate change; impeachment hearings; school shootings; you name it… And there also ain’t no denying that innocence continues to blossom and bloom; that good people are everywhere; that hope flows like blood through our hearts; and that peace beckons us forward.
Thanks to a, so-far, unidentified kid at the Congregational Church of Patchogue who drew this. She/he raised my spirits up, and I can’t wait to say thank you.
Thank you for the reminder that “Jaded” is not a lifestyle; that “Sarcastic” isn’t a birthmark; that “Resenter” isn’t an occupation. Thank you, dear child, for the reminder that I sometimes fall into pits of negativity and bouts of fear voluntarily and mindlessly.
Thank you for waking me from my stupor; for showing me that my relationship to the world is an inherently creative one. Thank you for showing me what I have turned my back on; and what I can choose to turn to face.
Thank you that ~ on my stroll down a barely-lit hallway in a chilly church long after everyone else had gone home as I was preoccupied with my failure once again to save, heal or be of much help to this or that ~
I saw your drawing of an angel with a visible heart.
Thank you for waking me up to see that they are everywhere ~ and that maybe, sometimes, I am one of them. Today I will act, and see and believe… accordingly.

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