2 thoughts on “books by dwight

  1. Dwight,
    We met years ago when we shared the stage on a codependence panel in NYC. I then became a psychotherapist and I’ve used A Life Worth Waiting For so many times with my clients I should get a bulk discount 🙂

    I now have a book of my own, recently finished the early editing but not yet in print. I’m here to ask two possible favors. One is a suggestion, should you have one, of a trustworthy agent to do that door-knocking so vital now to achieve commercial publication. Two is a bigger one: that you would read and comment on my little book.

    If you are disinclined or too busy, I will understand. I’m thrilled to know that you continue the journey you started by sharing your healing with others.


  2. I’m so glad to have found you. I just read a post about throwing Jesus over the cliff on the blog faith forward on patheos. I’m checking the box I would like to receive updates on my email of your posts. god bless you in the work you’re doing! *\\\]:D


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