It is with Deep Sadness & Joy that I Announce My Grandson Got His Butt Kicked in the 3rd Grade Election

Oliver for VP

IT IS WITH DEEP SADNESS & JOY THAT I ANNOUNCE that my grandson, Oliver, lost the election. SADNESS in that, well, he lost. Darn! JOY in that he congratulated the winner; did not blame anyone; and still holds hands with those who did not vote for him while they cross dangerous intersections on field trips. He has chosen to learn & become stronger in defeat. He is my role model.

The Russians didn’t meddle. The voting box wasn’t rigged. The polling places did not have hours that rendered persons of certain ethnicities and socioeconomic status from getting to vote. There was no Supreme Court-style of teacher and administrator override to call the election. There were no hanging chads. No Electoral College. Leave all that to the grownups.

After the election it was time for lunch. Everyone sat together. After that was recess. Everyone played together.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Well, imagine it. It happened. Civility isn’t dead. Just napping.

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