President Jimmy Carter Undergoes Brain Surgery

CarterFORMER PRESIDENT, JIMMY CARTER, 95 years old, is undergoing brain surgery to stop a bleed. Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, has announced that he will not be teaching Sunday School this week. They have also requested our prayers for him. He has mine.

We, as a nation and a world, will come to better know and appreciate what this man has done since he left office. He is simply an amazing person; and yet, not so amazing in that he has done so as a common person, an American patriot, a global citizen, an interfaith advocate, a model of kindness and perseverance and, for almost 100 years ~ a devout Christian. I cannot speak for you, but in this Age of Angst, I am most grateful for this model of awareness, advocacy and action will keeping dignity and decency.

I do pray ~ not for his recovery ~ for that is up to God. I pray, as would he, Thy Will Be Done, on Earth As It Is in Heaven.

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