Take the Church Out of the Church So As To Be the Church

Twas a Rainy, Quiet Day At the Congregational Church of Patchogue (Long Island) today. After church, a small, wet, hyperactive army of children & adults took some kid’s chairs to the front yard for people to “steal.” I posted this photo & suddenly we were in conversation with many people unfamiliar with the church. One artistically paints chairs. She took 8 & I asked her to return one, painted, to display her work to the congregation to illustrate what happens ~ with music, unwanted furniture, love & more ~ when you “put it out there, freely.”

After church… after the heavy, wooden, windowless, National Registry of Historic Places doors were closed & locked, we made new friends; outside, in the cold, peaceful, refreshing, air where heads turned to wonder what the hell this was all about to discover that is was and is about giving it away. Peace, Dwight Lee Wolterchairs at church

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