JESUS NEVER SAID “build a cathedral.” JESUS NEVER SAID create a magnificent, marble sculpture of me so people can come and worship me. JESUS NEVER SAID worship me, but, rather, was always pointing to something beyond himself.

BUT JESUS DID SAY to feed the poor.


What a great use for the church I serve as pastor ~ a National Registry of Historic Places Church with its 30 ft. vaulted ceilings, its 2,000 plus pipe organ and its original Tiffany windows to host a fundraiser last night for the 4 soup kitchens in our group in the basement of the Congregational Church of Patchogue on Long Island. Thanks to the choir for lifting the spirits even higher. For $35 each, people took up their tray and walked the food line where blessings were served ~ exactly like our soup kitchen guests do when come to us, looking to be fed love and home-cooked food. Dwight Lee Wolter.

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