THANK GOD I am a middle class person with some $ in the bank to pay for my blood test this morning to determine if I am immune to the measles. THANK GOD this photo is NOT of me. TOO BAD Medicare won’t pay for the test or vaccine. TOO BAD my physician charges $116.97 for the inoculation, but is unsure how much today’s blood test costs. In New York City, Mayor De Blasio has declared a health emergency. Nassau, Rockland  and Westchester Counties are offering free vaccines, but not Suffolk County, New York. I wonder what it will take?

With an outbreak and potential epidemic with a virus that can stay alive and in the air for two hours; so that you can be in a store at 11am and at 1pm the virus is still strong and ready to infect you; and if your church is a gathering place for children, youth, adults and elderly persons ~ and with a readily available vaccine; can’t we do better than this? Waiting for disaster to strike so that we can make heroic and panicky but perhaps too late to avoid unnecessary deaths and hospitalizations seems a little whacky, don’t you think? It is too late for a prompt response, but it is not too late!

Open free vaccination sites now!measles for FB

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