Fashion Tips for Self-Quarantine During a Global Pandemic

“FASHION TIPS for Self-Quarantine During a Global Pandemic” is a series I will post whenever so inspired during the COVID19 pandemic. Today, I begin with…

(1) Do not slouch around the house in pajamas and a robe just because you can. Even if working from home, with no one looking or caring ~ today is a special day! Another day to hope, love, care, share and more… is a good day. BTW, do you like my tie with ostriches wearing baseball caps? I do.

By the way, I have a new book out: “Loneliness Book of World Records” I will post more about it later, but if you wish to get a head start, here is the link to purchasing a kindle or paper version. I kept it affordable knowing that, for many, these are financial lean times. pandemic fashion

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