Children Zoom photo

WE CELEBRATED “COMMUNION” WITH CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS, SKIDDLES & JELLY BEANS during our Congregational Church of Patchogue Easter Sunday Children Church Chat Zoom Meeting. The kids held up the Easter eggs I had sent them to color in. They showed & told about Easter baskets & dinner in their homes & about the first Easter & what it might mean today to see new life arise from deadly situations. There are grownups in our church who have not missed an Easter service in 50, 60, 70 years. Many of these kids have not missed an Easter service in our church in their entire lives. They were so happy to see each other once again. The rituals of church are patterns that the kids find comfort in. Showing and telling; laughing; raising their virtual hand on their screen; listening to Mr. Craig sing and play music for them as he does each Sunday ~ all of this and more makes an impression on their souls; calms their minds; mitigates their fear and isolation. We formed and are continuing to form our own little church. The door to the chapel is their laptop or cellphone. Different church, same Jesus. Our bodies were in separate homes ~ but our spirits were in the same place, if only for 30 minutes.

Bless, Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter

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