What This Guy and Rafael Warnock & Jon Ossoff Do and Do Not Have in Common

On the day when this man, and many others, staged an insurrection at the United States capitol ~ it was officially announced that a Jew and a black, Baptist preacher had been elected by the people of Georgia to be their next United States Senators.

Jon Ossoff is 33 and will be the only United States senator too young to be President of the United States. Rafael Warnock (with whom I attended Union Theological Seminary in New York City) is the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta; the church at which the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was once pastor. Neither Ossoff nor Warnock have previously held political office.

The insurrectionist with the horns was screaming “Freedom” when this photo was taken in the United States Senate Chamber. The insurrectionist has also not held political office.

Two of these three men chose to seek freedom by running for the United States Senate. One of them sought freedom by becoming part of a mob that stormed the United States Senate, leaving four people dead and many wounded.

January 6, 2021 is also a sad “day that will live in infamy” as President Roosevelt said after American was attacked ~ but that time at Pearl Harbor, not the United States Senate.  But January 6th was not a completely “bad” day. It was also a day of peaceful transition, change, freedom, justice, and democracy-in-action. The will of the people was certified.

As we approach Martin Luther King Day in about ten days ~ let us consider another man, a man dedicated to non-violence, who also spoke of freedom as he looked forward to the day, as we do, when we are finally, “Free at last. Free at last.  Thank God almighty, we are free at last.”

Peace, Justice, Mercy & Freedom Be Upon You Now and Always,

Pastor Dwight

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