REMEMBER TOILET PAPER? In July, 2018, the Congregational Church of Patchogue on Long Island, New York, tried (and failed, but so what?) to build the World’s Largest Toilet Paper Pyramid at a street festival called Alive After Five that lasted between 5 and 9pm. We received no help from the makers of Scotts TP, even though we used only their product (septic-safe and we needed uniformity of size and density of rolls). But all together with volunteers, solicitors of TP at shopping centers by the Girl Scouts, etc. we had over 1,400 people involved. We had an engineer working on the project as well. Yes. an engineer. We built it; unbuilt it; and gave it all away in 4 hours to a homeless veteran home, a domestic violence shelter and various food pantries. We did this, in part, because toilet paper is classified as a “luxury” and cannot be written into grant requests. We will try to build it again this coming summer with the remnants of what people are now hoarding and will, by then, donate-it-forward. Peace, Dwight Lee WolterTP 2

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