The Church & Coronavirus

We want you to know that the deacons preparing the elements for communion this Sunday will be doing so under very hygienic conditions. The knives, bread, wine and juice will be handled with care and cleanliness.

Also, as people come forward to receive communion; the servers will have clean hands, and will be wearing plastic gloves, and the servers themselves will take a piece of bread and place it in your hand ~ thus avoiding your hand accidentally touching other pieces of bread.

This all comes under the “better safe than sorry” precaution AND out of an abundance of love and concern for our church members and guests.

Finally, if you are sick with fever or coughing; please stay home and get well. If you need food or medicine pick-up ~ call me on my cell at 631-891-9908 and we will see if we may be of assistance.

Bless, Pastor Dwight.082

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