The Ongoing Massacre of Persons of Faith

IT IS A “SIN” TO PRETEND on this Easter morning that my heart is not aching over the massacre of almost 200 people in 3 churches in Sri Lanka today. It is sickening to remember, during this Passover, that 13 were murdered recently in a synagogue in Pittsburg, PA. My soul sobs over the 50 murdered in a mosque recently in Christchurch, New Zealand. AND YET… joy cannot be defeated this Easter morn. Hope springs eternal. Love never dies. You can kill the messenger (like Jesus & countless others), but you can’t kill the message. With joy, hope & love, we celebrate Easter at 10am at the Congregational Church of Patchogue on Long Island, New York.

Peace Whenever Possible,

Easter DayDwight Lee Wolter

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