Pastor Hosts Boxing Match for Peace

In Honor of International Day of Prayers for Peace, Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter of the Congregational Church of Patchogue has challenged his congregation to a one round boxing match on September 28th at 7pm. If you win, you donate $25 to the local domestic violence shelter. If I win, I will take 10% off your funeral expenses.

Not every act of aggression is violence. Muhammad Ali is an artist, not a thug. And I am a saint for risking my life in a boxing ring against women and men half my age and twice as strong with all proceeds going to a shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence.

My father was a Golden Gloves boxer and career military officer. He was a mean and violent man. I am not. What I am is… well… I am the Greatest!

Come have a go at me. And good luck. You’ll need it!

Call 631-475-1235 for details.

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