The Spirituality of Gelato…

It is midnight in Spain and I am tired so all I will write about today is GELATO. There is a great store on the Rambles in Barcelona that serves “natural” (read: no artificial flavors or colors, etc.) gelato. This afternoon I ordered a scoop with two flavors: black cherry and the other was Ethiopian chocolate (cherries and chocolate go amazingly well together). The dark chocolate was the “core” of the cone… the centerpiece. Then they build “petals” around the center so the final product looks like a blooming flower on a homemade waffle cone. THEN, later at night I went back! This time I ordered lemon and the other flavor was lime/basil. It was amazing. It was made of fresh limes and fresh basil that tasted as strong and fresh as if I had just picked it from my garden back home in New York. Ah… “sweet dreams are made of this” (thanks for the lyric, Annie Lennox). And thanks for the gelato, Barcelona!

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