LEFT MADRID FOR BARCELONA and I went to a famous market place on a boulevard called the “Rambles” and was transformed and transfixed immediately. The marketplace was a religious experience. If heaven is edible ~ this is it. I went from stall to stall on this hot, hot summer day and drank fruit concoctions I had never even heard of, as well as familiar ones. I ended up at a “sawdust on the floor” kind of place where there are only about ten stools that are so close to the food being cooked, my glasses steamed-up. To make room for me they simply pushed the dishes of the previous customer further down the counter. I had cuttle fish with fresh asparagus and roasted red peppers. The garnish was some green herb I have never tasted before. Tomorrow I will go back for seafood stew and a side of giant prawns. After lunch, I bought a container of fresh strawberries and ate them while standing up next to a garbage can. Didn’t bother me at all. Not much to complain about in heaven, including the price.

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