Jesus Never Took the Summer Off

I have read the Bible many times and have found no evidence that Jesus ever took the summer off. Therefore, my philosophy has always been that neither should we. But I am also confident that when the Spring breezes wafted over the Sea of Galilee, Jesus took some time-off to go swimming, grill some fish and play frisbee (or the ancient equivalent).

Jesus also said, “the poor shall always be with you.” I take “the poor” to include those who cannot afford to go to Fire Island or other exciting vacations by land or sea. And I take “the poor” to include those who are grieving or ill at a time when many other persons are at the beach when its “summertime when the livin’ is easy.” And I take “the poor” to include, on a less dramatic level, those who feel “poor” if they cannot start their Sunday and their week with one hour of devotion, prayer, praise, music, scripture, and sermon.

I really enjoy worship at our church in the summer. I enjoy the informality and the lack of fuss. I enjoy listening to soloists (the choir is on sabbatical during July and August). I enjoy the intimacy and special bond formed with the Summer Service People. And I enjoy knowing that we are “present and accounted for” in case someone needs u.  I hope someone sees you in some church sometime, otherwise we will be with you in Spirit; wherever you may wander, wherever you may roam.

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