I received a notification (not kidding here) that  someone was following me on Twitter, so I checked-out her Twitter account and saw that she has 32 thousand followers but has not posted a single tweet. That got me to thinking: I submitted a book proposal to my publisher and told  them that I would write the book after they published it. Then I stared at the nectarines ripening on my kitchen window ledge and wanted to taste them before taking the first bite. I want to be awarded a Nobel Prize for no specific reason. I want to eat fresh raspberries regardless of the season. I want a friendship without all the hassle of getting to know each other. I want to cure hunger without offering any food or access to it. I want to run for office without stating my positions. I want respect without any conditions. I want to pledge allegiance to a country that doesn’t exist. I want to join a church that doesn’t  believe in anything in particular.

But then… what  if I peel a banana and find no banana within? What if I undress my lover and find no-body underneath? What if I have 32 thousand followers willing to follow me nowhere? What if there are billions of tweets tweeted every day by people with nothing to say? Maybe 32 thousand followers of an empty Twitter account is like a Yoko Ono art exhibit of empty canvases. Or the sound of one hand clapping. Or a tree falling in a forest making no sound because there is no one there to hear. Maybe 32 thousand followers of someone with nothing to say is indicative of a world where form not only trumps content, but succeeds specifically because there is no content. Maybe we do live in a world full of sound and fury that signified nothing. Maybe we prefer it that way.

But not me…

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