“Without Religion the World Would be 5,000 Years More Advanced”

That  was what a Facebook post stated. It was written by a music promoter whose work I respect. But I see things somewhaat  differently while acknowledging the pain and anger that religion seems like a  magnet to attract. Religion, for me, is often a delivery system. What a religion chooses to deliver is part of whether or not the world without it will be “more advanced.” The church of which I am the pastor has delivered over 100,000 meals and bagged over 100,000 parcels of food for those who have a place to prepare it. What many people choose to do and say in the name of religion is akin to what many non-religious people do in the name of “freedom” and “love.” But the world, similarly, would not be “5,000 years more advanced” without freedom or love. My religion has freed me to love more deeply, to see more clearly, to trust more sincerely, and to act more decisively.

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