WE PUT A MAN ON THE MOON LIKE 40 YEARS AGO BUT… we can’t come up with a less barbaric way to prep for a colonoscopy? I humbled myself greatly and went through with the routine procedure and think it was a great preventative and preemptive move. I don’t mind if I happen to some day die tragically, but I refuse to die stupid. The prep certainly reminded me that I temporarily live in a physical  body that demands attention ~ even attention to things unseen and problems not  yet realized. Fasting for 36 hours was actually pleasant. I mean, Jesus did it for 40 days in the wilderness so there must be  some merit in it. My experience of colors, my general alertness, my experience of what many homeless people go through every day (hunger) were spiritual experiences that rededicated me to my efforts to assist others. But thank God it is over! Now I will go and do something much simpler than prepping for a colonoscopy ~ like building a rocket ship.

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