Protest is a Democratic Symptom of Perceived Injustice

Many comments in the national network news posts about the grand jury deciding not to indict the cop who strangled a man to death on Staten Island in New York are deeply disturbing. Many are overtly racist. Many others are blatantly rageful. Some are simply infused with New York style indignant and sultry attitudes. But, so far, they have been non-violent.

New York commuters on the streets and in places such as Grand Central Station do not like to be messed with ~ ever ~ but especially during the holiday season when NYC is even more crowded and hectic than usual. But ~ YOO-HOO ~ what did you expect would happen? A national, spontaneous bake sale?

What we don’t deal with will eventually deal with us. What we don’t face will eventually stare us down. We do not get to cherry-pick our problems and the exact, convenient time when the fruit of our cultivation ripens. But we do get to choose whether to gather the harvest, even of our bruised and bitter fruit of perceived racism and injustice, and survey the bounty we have allowed to grow on our land. Before we disclaim and deny the reported bad taste left in people’s mouths; we must first imagine or experience the taste of it from those who feel they have been force-fed. And then, hopefully, we can eventually learn how to move on.

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